Melissa Swanson
Master of Sport International Class, North American Record Holder
Before committing to Kettleguard, I tried every brand of forearm protection on the market. I quickly realized that nothing else is as protective and convenient as KettleGuard. They slip on easily and provide just the right amount of padding without being too snug or bulky. During heavy jerks, they allow me to focus on technique by keeping my forearms and wrists pain-free.  After multiple washings, their structure and support holds up. Now, you won’t find me training without them!
Avery Wittkamp
CrossFit Coach & Kettlebell Sport Competitor, 5x Candidate for Master of Sport
Kettleguard has been an integral tool in my kettlebell sport training. The longer, original version were useful for the transition to heavier bells past 18 kg when I competed in Long Cycle. I have small wrists so using the 22 and 24 kg bells in training would often prove uncomfortable without them. They are durable, easy to take care of, and very comfortable. I love the new compact version for Snatch and excited that they can be used in competitions! I get a bit of padding for my forearm and wrist, but not so much so that I can’t feel the proper placement of the bell overhead or the timing for the insertion in snatch.
Yevgeniy Goncharov
Master of Sport World Class and 10x World Champion
I used Kettleguard with a 60kg kettlebell! Great for training!
Jennifer Cord
Master of Sport World Class, World Record Holder in 26kg Long Cycle
Kettleguard has made a big difference in my lifting. Training for competition with the heavier bells, it’s important not to have to worry about banging my wrists so that I can focus on the workout, not my wrists and forearms. I actually have two sets of Kettleguard, one for snatches with no inserts, and one I have set up for jerks/long cycle, with the padded inserts to help cushion my forearm in the clean. Nothing has worked better for me to train worry-free!
Henry V. Marshall
2011 IUKL Amatuer World Champion
I always encourage wrist guards when starting kettlebell training and KettleGuard is the best on the market.
Kukka Laakso
Head Coach of Finnish Kettlebell Club, Master Trainer / Best Selling Author of “Monday Warriors”
I use KettleGuard for all my workouts and competitions, and my athletes do too! They are the best wrist guards on the market!
Thierry Sanchez
Candidate for Master of Sport
I can’t understand why anyone wouldn’t want to use the Kettleguard. Even with good technique with cleans and snatches, heavy bells apply constant pressure on the forearms in the rack position. This can lead to trigger points which weaken your grip and affect negatively your training. I have tried different solutions and Kettleguard proved to be the best one, because they never get in the way of training like bulkier pads do. You honestly can’t feel the difference between wearing regular sweatbands or those. However, the thin inserts offer great protection. And because of the clever design, it doesn’t matter if the Kettleguard rotate, you’re covered from all angles.
Megan Dunsmore
NYC Trainer and Kettlebell Sport enthusiast who has recovered from Fibromyalgia
When I first started training in kettlebell sport I didn’t use any wrist protection. After advancing to 16kg and heavier I found KettleGuard to be an excellent resource for me when making mistakes as I worked on perfecting my form. Staying injury free while training is very important and KettleGuard have helped me do that!
Ross Gilling
CSCS, CrossFit Trainer / EdgeFit, Owner
KettleGuard has revolutionized wrist wraps for kettlebell lifters! They are excellent for beginners as they offer maximum comfort and protection while learning technique, and essential for advanced lifters during those long grueling heavy sets as they provide unparalleled stability and sweat absorption. Kettle Guards are an integral part of my training equipment and I highly recommend them to all my clients and kettlebell athletes.
Emily Friedel
Master of Sport, 1st Australian MS in the Long Cycle and Biathlon
The KettleGuard wrist wraps are fantastic: they’re simple and they actually work. I’ve found the plastic inserts provide significantly more protection than using sweat bands or other wrist wraps, but the design is such that the KettleGuard doesn’t feel bulky and certainly doesn’t get in the way during training. In fact, the KettleGuard is very comfortable and doesn’t feel any different to training with ordinary sweat bands. Being machine washable is also very important because I get pretty sweaty during training! I’d recommend the KettleGuard to anyone who trains with kettlebells.
Dr. Scott Helsley
Master of Sport, U.S. Record Holder in the Long Cycle
KettleGuard is a big improvement over both the simple wrist bands and wraps. They have a thin profile but they offer a lot of support as they are reinforced with flexible plastic strips that slide inside the wraps. I had no discomfort issues either from the inserts or the weight of the bells. I did my long cycle set and then I used them for a strongman set of jerks and cleans with the 40kg bell at the AKC booth. I also used them at home in similar sets with 48 and 53kg bells. Once you get into those heavier bells you clearly are placing more demand on the wrist and additional support is welcome. These worked great. They absorb sweat as well as anything else I have tried, so the hands stay dry. That is important. Suffice it to say I really like these.
Claire Maidment
Candidate for Master of Sport
I find Kettleguard as essential as my kettlebells and lifting shoes. In fact, I wish I had found them earlier! They have been invaluable in moving up weights, and for longer sets. You are still able to feel the position of the bell in lockout, whilst offering protection to your wrists. I would highly recommended these for beginners or sports athletes.